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Information on image copyright.

First and foremost, there's one basic simple rule you have to follow when it comes to copyright of images ... IF YOU DIDN'T TAKE THE PHOTO, (whether it's with a $20k DSLR or on an iPhone), THEN YOU DON'T OWN THAT PHOTO. 

Somebody somewhere owns each photo and each photo is copyrighted to the originator. In the case of this website all photos are owned by James Mitchell. Some photos have been licensed to certain brands or businesses and permission is required to download or use any of the photos from on this website. 

ENGLISH: All images are protected by Copyright. Use of whole or part of an image without permission is considered theft. This website uses www.pixsy.com to find & locate image theft. Any images downloaded/screenshotted and used without permission will be liable to compensation from loss of earnings. Thank you.      

ESPAÑOL: Todas las imágenes están protegidas por derechos de autor. El uso de todo o parte de una imagen sin permiso se considera una violación. Esta página web utiliza www.pixsy.com para encontrar y localizar el robo de la imagen. Cualquier imagen descargada / Captura de pantalla y usados sin permiso será responsable de la compensación de la pérdida de ingresos. Gracias.

What if there is no © (copyright) symbol, year or name with the image? The copyright symbol does not have to be present for copyright to exist, so just because there is no name or copyright symbol associated with a photo or image does not mean the image is not protected by copyright. 

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Please Note: This site uses Pixsy - which identifies unlicensed image use on the Internet. They work on behalf of photographers to resolve cases of unauthorized image use.

If you're unsure of any of the information above, you can also read http://www.stockphotorights.com/faq/#copy for more info.

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