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Club La Santa Duathlon

The first race of the season, and my intention wasn't to go an photograph it but to go and support several friends who were racing.... But I just can't go to an event without taking one of my cameras.

As Lucy and I decided to make the 30km journey to the other side of the island by bike, I opted on taking my tiny Sony A6000... A super little camera made especially for opportunities like this. Not only does it shoot a whopping 11 frames a second, but it shoots RAW, I can transfer photos to my phone (by wifi) for immediate editing, but it also has interchangeable lenses .. Anyway, enough of the geek talk.! Check out the pics.

Here's a few taster pics on my Facebook page .. 

A few pics from the first race of the season for some, and first race ever for others ..Great to see the battle unfold between Stephen Bayliss, Leon Drajer and Alesandro Degasperi.

Posted by James Mitchell Photography on Saturday, 16 January 2016